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Family Issue Attorney

A family issue attorney in Odessa renders assistance, services and gives consultations. This is one of the most widespread services, being provided by our Law Firm.

The basic concept in family law is a marriage that is matrimony between a man and woman, registered with the state registry office. Thereat, if the couple does not register their marriage, it has any rights and obligations of the spouse.

We regret to say that many families brightly and happily begin their life journey and finish it by legal and attorney's support. The most widespread situation, which makes the wife and husband to recourse to specialists, may be partition of property, dissolution, deprivation of parental rights etc.

The marriage dissolution process is a complex judicial procedure, which requires an individual approach to each individual case and every client

Partition of the joint property of spouses, being also the very complex and multi-level procedure in the family law, requires high qualification of the specialist engaged and a new approach absolutely to every case under consideration.

A prevalent world practice, which always helps to avoid expensive and complex procedure of joint property and matrimonial assets separation, is the marriage contracts or agreements.

Our highly skilled specialists and experienced professionals will help you in successful settlements of various family legal disputes.

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