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Advocacy services in Odessa and other regions of Ukraine

Lawyers in Odessa: assistance, services and consultation by the best highly-skilled and experienced employees of our Law Firm.

We offer our clients a wide ranges of high-quality advocacy services in Odessa and other regions in Ukraine:

  • civil lawyer (including, preparation of documents of title to real estate and property registration etc.);
  • lawyer at the administrative court;
  • economic and corporate lawyer;
  • tax lawyer;
  • lawyer to resolve disputes with the Tax Inspectorate or Customs Service etc.

Employees of our Firm provide the qualified protection of interests and rights of our clients and their representation at the administrative, economic and local courts. The lawyers' services include assistance in settlement of all the problems, which are incidental to the administrative, tax, civil and economic law.

Our Firm provides legal services in Odessa and other cities / regions of Ukraine both to the legal entities and natural persons. All the specialists have a high level of professional skills, extensive knowledge and work experience in the branch of law under consideration.

Fees for services by our Firm in Odessa depend on the case specifics. All employees will be able to consider your problem in the shortest possible time, find its root and the best ways of its solution. A guarantee for the high level of services will be a number of cases reached by us. Each client's request will be priority-oriented for us and we fulfill our obligations in a professional manner.

Our lawyers will also give you a consultation in an emergency case.

You shall not forget that only timely recourse to legal support by the real specialist may cardinally change the situation, help you to save time, money and avoid errors, which are expected in business or other spheres.

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