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Establishment Registration in Odessa

Our Firm registers establishments, legal entities or natural persons – entrepreneurs.

Registration is a first step in the process of business creation. We offer you assistance in registration of private establishments, associations, limited liability companies, organizations etc. Beginning to cooperate with us, you are responsible for the future company to be established. Moreover, we imply that you shall create an authorized fund of the newly established company, be obliged to provide the relative tax authorities with the necessary reporting documents, carry out dynamic activities of the company and fulfill all the obligations towards potential creditors.

The company registration process is quite lengthy and labour-intensive. Our Firm will grant you professional legal support in preparation and drawing up of the necessary documents and legal protection of your interests in the state institutions.

Our Firm is specialized in legal support to firms and individual persons and rendering a wide range of services in registration of companies, funds, associations, organizations and enterprises. Specialists of our service, using their skills and high qualification, will easily determine the most advantageous way of your business, give you professional consultations and help in implementation of various plans.

Assistance of specialists in the complex and multiple-step process of registration of the enterprise or natural person – entrepreneur will significantly save your time and money and help to avoid potential problems with state authorities, misunderstanding and defects by inexperienced business founders.

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