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Corporate Right

A corporate right is a property title to the authorized fund (capital) of the legal entity or income of such a legal entity and assets in a case of its liquidation pursuant to the current legislation irrespective of its establishment as a business company, enterprise, established by property of a legal entity or natural person or in two organization and legal forms.

The corporate right contents shall be a complex of management and property powers.

A) management powers are:

- a right to participate in administration of affairs;

- a member's right to get information about the company's activities;

- a right to disaffiliate with the company.

B) property powers are:

- a right to participate in formation of the company authorized fund;

- a right to dispose of its corporate rights;

- a right to apportionment of participatory share in a case of disaffiliation with the company.

Services (the list is not exhaustive):

  • assignment of interest in the authorized fund, acquisition of shares;
  • increase/decrease of the authorized fund;
  • designing of schemes for acquisition of a majority interest (merger);
  • arrangement and holding of the company general meeting;
  • establishment of associations, corporations, holding companies, concerns, legal assistance in settlement of problems, which are referred to jurisdiction of the Antimonopoly Committee of Ukraine;
  • judicial protection of corporate rights.

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