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Establishment Liquidation in Odessa

Our Firm provides such highly skilled legal services in Odessa as establishment liquidation (firm liquidation). There are several ways of such a process performance:

The procedure causes dissolution and winding-up of the legal entity and subsequent making an appropriate entry in the Natural Person and Legal Entity Registry. Then, the company will be dissolved.

Liquidation of a firm in Odessa by our Firm includes rendering such services as preparation of the necessary documents, closing of the bank accounts, payments to the State Treasury, de-registration with the customs, tax and other fund services, surrender of the relevant documents to the archival depositaries and provision of a registrar with information about de-registration with the Tax Inspectorate, funds, archival depositaries etc., issuance of references and certificates about liquidation.

When liquidating business activities, it is necessary to remember that such a decision causes inspection by the controlling authorities. Moreover, lack of money and cost of property of your enterprise for complete fulfillment of credit obligations may cause recourse to a court. If there is a failure to perform the above actions, it may give rise to responsibility of the founders and functionaries of the liquidated firm pursuant to the state laws.

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